Part 2: Reclaiming Authority and Mental Serenity
You and I have problems.

And that’s not a bad thing.

If you’re reading this, then you likely have a specific “problem” around something you want to create.

If you don’t have something you’re striving for, you can’t possibly feel stuck. Stuckness implies some innate desire.

Only writers get writer’s block. Only performers get stage fright. Desires only have meaning if there is a obstacle faced...

Think about your favorite movie. Or your favorite book. Or TV show. What defined the storyline was it’s problems (a.k.a. the “plot”).
A story is only as only as good as it’s problems.

If you look at the story of your life, each “chapter” is defined by the problems you face. That’s usually the gap between where you are, and where you want to be. The drive to take on your problems is the force of life itself.

But some problems are better than others...

Stuckness is the problem of having the same problem. It’s like a TV show where the main character (you) has to do the same thing over and over again.

Not fun. (Such a show would probably get cancelled.)

You are both the main character AND the writer of your life.
To accept this truth is to accept authority over your life.
Authority: the power of one’s decisions to influence a given system.
You can’t control every part of the story. You can’t control the setting, the characters you meet, or the laws of physics... 

But you CAN control your internal experience. And in creating your life, that’s the only authority you need.

Many people give away their authority over their own life story. They succumb to the 2nd demon of Stuckness… resentment.
Resentment: Bitterness at past treatment.
Etymologically, to feel again: re- (again) + sentiment (feeling)
Resentment is feeling the same thing over and over. It’s letting a past problem affect the current chapter of your life.
Resentment gives our authority away.

To resent someone (or something) is to assert they have power over you. You imply that they have the ability to dictate what you think and feel.

The worst part is that it goes both ways. Losing authority creates resentment, and resentment also gives away authority. It creates a vicious cycle...
This negative feedback loop often spirals out of control, resulting in the person feeling cold-hearted and powerless.
But the thing is, it’s all a lie

You might not be able to control certain circumstances or people. But you can ALWAYS control what you think.

Gregory David Roberts, author of Shantaram, writes about how even while being imprisoned, he still had this freedom of mind:
“...the heart of it came to me in an instant, while I was chained to a wall and being tortured. I realised, somehow, through the screaming of my mind, that even in that shackled, bloody helplessness, I was still free: free to hate the men who were torturing me, or to forgive them. It doesn’t sound like much, I know. But in the flinch and bite of the chain, when it’s all you’ve got, that freedom is an universe of possibility. And the choice you make between hating and forgiving, can become the story of your life.”

                                      Shantaram (Roberts) [italics are mine]
You always have this freedom, though you might not always see it. If your mind seems out of control, it’s because of the vicious cycle hiding your authority.

But the feedback loop goes both ways…

If you do what I’ll show you in a few moments, you’ll create a positive feedback loop to reclaim your authority.
Practicing the following technique is the key to opening your mind and your heart… and reclaiming full authority in your creative life.
The hardest part of reclaiming authority is that you need to take full ownership of your experience. You cannot maintain authority AND hold others responsible for your circumstances. You must release.

This doesn’t mean that you rid the world of your enemies, challenges, or problems-- If you did, your life story would have no meaning.

This doesn’t mean you ignore other people. People are necessary (more on that later).

This doesn’t even mean that you necessarily forgive those who’ve wronged you-- maybe such an act isn’t worth your time.

What it does mean is that you let it go.

The following is how to create a positive feedback loop in your mind. There are 3 levels of difficulty ranging from easy/slow to advanced/fast. Like the Body Scan, it’s quite simple, but can take some practice.
Practice: Letting Go
Always start with a slow and easy breath. Once you internalize the RELEASE practices, all you’ll need is a deep breath to drop into state. (In hypnosis this is known as anchoring.)

Pick one of the following three options. (Whichever is easiest for you.) Do it any time you notice your mind spinning in negative thoughts. (Any thoughts that have you feel bad.)
Level 1: Mantra 
The easiest way to drown out resentful thoughts is with an empowering one. The worst part of resentment is that it interrupts your internal relationship with your self, your self-love. So if your mind MUST make noise, the best noise it can make is the mantra: “I love myself.” [1]

It may feel cheesy, but just do it. Repeat it in your mind till the negative thoughts stop appearing.
Level 2: Sedona Method 
When faced with unpleasant thoughts or feelings, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Can I accept and welcome this feeling?
2. Can I let it go?
3. Am I willing to let it go?
4. When will I let it go?

Simply asking yourself these questions will invite your mental noise to settle. 
Level 3: Think without words
Some call this listening to silence. Continue thinking as you will, but do not use words. No judgement. No interpretations. Let yourself think in your primordial language. (If this doesn’t make sense to you, do Level 1 or Level 2.)
You’ll find that the more you practice, the quicker you return to a resentment-free state of authority.

That doesn’t mean you never ever feel resentful…

Unless you’re already a Zen master, you will feel resentment time to time. That’s part of being human.

You might do the Letting Go practice, then find the resentment returns in a couple hours, or a couple minutes, or even as soon as your mantra stops... 

That’s okay.

When you catch yourself resenting, let it go for now.

Now is the only time you need to release.

You can pick up your resentment later if you want. It might even be fun to resent sometimes.

All that matters is that you don’t waste your precious mental resources on things that don’t matter. 
Easier said than done right?

That’s what I thought for many years. I knew the principles of “flow” but I didn’t think I had the will power or discipline to actually get there.

Then I discovered the missing keystone that makes the entire system work.

What I’m going to share with you on the next page is the final key to RELEASE.

It’s the thing that prevented me from recurring self-sabotage.

It’s the thing that put a fire in my soul that has burned through my last fears and self-doubts.

And I attribute it for my creative success. It came to me in my darkest moment from an unlikely stranger...
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