Part 4: The 3 Keys to making an IMPACT through your Creative Gifts
I was down my last crumbs…

I only had a few dollars and $35,000 in revolving debt.

But I had my resolve. And that’s all I REALLY needed.

It sparked in me the combination of desperation and defiance I needed to get over myself.

My imposter syndrome… my friends and family’s criticism... my ambivalence of what I’m “really supposed to do”…

All of it burned away.

And in that crucible, a system of 3 principles were forged.

They were simple, direct, and EFFECTIVE.

And they not only took me to the next level… following them prevented me from falling back into Stuck patterns.

Since then I’ve been creating at the most rapid pace. And enjoying all the fruits that come with that.

Here are the three absolute principles that my system is built upon:
1. Management of Intangibles
As a Creative Entrepreneur, you take intangible ideas and materialize them into things that other people can benefit from. Therefore, your creative ability completely depends on your supply of intangible resources:

Time, Attention, Energy, Positive Emotion, and Fun

These qualities are your prima materia (raw material) for creation. You need a surplus of these resources in order create anything of QUALITY.
The Release techniques just you learned will ensure you stop wasting your intangibles. The next step is to exponentially increase your intangible income so that have more “raw material” to play with.
2. Focused Process
You probably have many goals, desires, and intentions. But in order to materialize great work, you must focus your intangibles to a point. That’s when genius ideas and inspiration arise.

Great works, whether short-term projects or seminal achievements, require a critical mass of time, energy, and attention in order to take flight on their own. This means you need a singular process to pour your energy into. Otherwise you’ll susceptible to overwhelm and resentment.
3. Higher Purpose Action 
There’s a reason why I’ve framed this as “making an impact” as opposed to “being productive.” 

The biggest key to creative success I’ve uncovered is making your work, not about you. This is not a spiritual concept (though you can make it so), it’s a social concept.

Your work MATTERS to the degree that it can positively impact other people’s lives.

Once you internalize this concept, you won’t feel restrained by your personal abilities or limitations.
Thanks to this system, I was able to pay off my mound of debt in 18 months on only 2 hours of work per day. (I was working odd jobs full time to make ends meet, so I only had a few hours per day to work on my purpose.)

These same principles helped me quit my day jobs and buy my first home in cash less than a year later…

Now I still only “work” 2-4 hours per day… And 90% of it are things that I love so much, I’d do them for free.

I get to write and share my thoughts, travel the world teaching, and coach others on creating their dream lives.

I’m telling you this because when I was feeling stuck, this all seemed like an impossible fantasy. But once I committed to following these principles everything changed… WAY more rapidly than my logical mind could have projected.

And you can live your dreams too.

I KNOW you have something inside you worth sharing. Otherwise you wouldn’t have read through these pages.

If you’d like to see the same change in YOUR life…

If you’re ready to step up to HIGHER PLANE OF CREATION…

If you want to see your ideas MATERIALIZE INTO GREAT WORKS (and reap the rewards that follow)...

Then I have two options for you:

Option 1: Print out the pages of the RELEASE system and commit to practice to cultivate internal harmony and intangible resources. Organize your goals and processes to put your surplus into action. I’ve given these resources for free because they are the foundation for everything else I teach. No matter where you are, you will benefit from the practices you’ve read already.

Option 2: If you’re ready to commit to WINNING... If you’re ready to hit the switch to hyper-speed… If you’re ready to make Stuckness a long a distant memory…

… Then meet me on the next page and let’s see what we can create.
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