How to RELEASE Stuckness 
drop internal limitations and make your impact on the world. (Part 1 of 2)
By Ruwan Meepagala, creative entrepreneur and life enthusiast
I know what it’s like to feel “stuck”. 
Too well, if you ask me.
My first experience of “stuckness” lasted my entire adolescence: I had crippling social anxiety and rarely could muster the courage to speak up.

Parents, teachers, and schoolmates would always say to me:
“Speak up!”

“You need to talk more.”

“Geez, just be confident already.
What did they think I was trying to do??

I wasn’t choosing to be shy. But every time I tried to speak something would lock inside me… some stuckness.

Because when you’re stuck, it’s not that you don’t know what to do. It’s that whatever you try doesn’t seem to go anywhere.

Please take a deep breath. (I’ll explain why in a minute.)

Later in life I experienced the same kind of stuckness around creating my life purpose. Despite tons of effort, I spent much of my twenties broke and under-expressed. I would hear the same voices in my head from childhood:
“Make more money!”

“You need to write more!”

“Geez, be successful already!”
What did I think I was trying to do??

I wasn’t choosing to be stuck. I was working hard and trying to find the answers.

I read The Four Hour Workweek and made my schedule hyper-efficient… but I was still financially challenged.

I read the Artist’s Way and journaled every day… but I couldn’t create the epic works I felt inside my soul.

I tried every productivity system, creativity hack, and taking on the habits of a Highly Effective Person.

But nothing worked. I was still frustrated, drained, and had little to show for all my labor. That’s because I wasn’t addressing the deeper issue...
In the next few pages, I’m going to show you the simple and effective system that has helped hundreds of creative entrepreneurs, so that you, too, can RELEASE your internal blocks and IMPACT the world with your gifts.

I used this exact system to:
  •  3x my 2 months income.
  • ​Overcome my writer’s block to go from struggling to write 300 words a day, to writing 2000 words a day minimum.
  • ​Go from $35,000 in debt to buying a home in cash in 3 years.
  • ​Upgrade my coaching business from struggling to get clients, to having more inquiries than I can fulfill.
  • ​Start 2 profitable side businesses without detracting from my real purpose.
  • ​Donate my time and money on a regular basis to causes I care about.
  • ​Become excited to start every work day-- eliminating my need for “will power”.
  •  And no longer feel trapped by mediocrity.
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It doesn’t matter where you happen to be stuck, or what it is you want to create. Your quality of life in that area falls somewhere on a continuum of resistance to flow:
Moving from Stuckness/Resistance to Flow always follows the same principles.

The first thing to understand is that stuckness is an internal experience with external consequences.

To move into flow, we need to synergize both internal attunement and external action. (a.k.a. Feeling and Doing.)
We’re going to the start with the Feeling part in order to cultivate Internal Harmony. Without that harmony the subconscious may find a way to sabotage your efforts.

Internal disharmony is the first demon of Stuckness. It usually shows up as self-criticism, negative internal dialogue, or just plain feeling bad.

Let’s eliminate that...

The following technique is incredibly simple. You can do it while reading this very page. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t important… it’s completely changed my life.

Are you still breathing? (That’s not the technique, but I just wanted to check.)
When we have a harmonious internal relationship, that inner animal will carry us places. The beast inside us gives us the passion, courage, and vitality to move the world.

Most people try to use their ego to override their Instinct. That not only causes Stuckness, but also many psychosomatic illnesses.

This can “work” for a little bit. But it’s exhausting to fight yourself all day. People who suppress their instincts usually develop chronic fatigue and irritability, or worse...

At a certain point the Instinct breaks free. And like any caged animal, it will not be friendly when it comes out.

Repressed instincts almost always lead to destructive behavior… sometimes harming others, always sabotaging your intentions.

The quickest way to drop the internal conflict is to reconnect with your Body.

Breathing? Good.

I call this the “dumbest” way to create Internal Harmony because it has you descend into your more primitive mind.

This “descent of consciousness” is what happens when we spontaneously feel a surge of passion, inspiration, or motivation. In this feeling state, it’s almost impossible to feel anxiety.

I “discovered” a version of this technique as a way to overcome panic attacks when I was a teenager. Over the years I’ve incorporated other perspectives to make it simpler and more effective. (Pretty much every mindfulness modality has a version of this.) Nowadays I do it any time I feel any form of stuckness-- overwhelm, confusion, lack of motivation, or fear.
The simplest Way to Create Internal Harmony
The reason productivity books by themselves never worked for me is that they never addressed the most fundamental truth of creativity:
If you don’t get your feelings on board, they will betray you.
You are not just your “mind”. If you were, internal resistance would be impossible; Whatever you intended, you would do. The end.

But that’s rarely the case, because “You” are more than just your intentions.

Whenever you experience Stuckness, there is some conflict between “You” and “Yourself.”

Another way to put it, there is an voluntary (controllable) part of you, and an involuntary part (that you cannot fully control).
Freud called these parts the ego and the id. I’ll refer to them as your Intention and your Instinct.

Intention is the part we typically identify with. (We usually over-identify with it.) It’s the sum of our goals, five-year plans, hopes, and expectations. It “lives” in your neocortical brain, particularly the prefrontal cortex.

Instinct is everything else. Instinct is the source of all your creativity, passion, and love. It “lives” in your reptilian and limbic brains. It’s basically an inner animal. It can be your best friend, or it can wreck your house…
So now you're going to learn a practice for cultivating this internal harmony through the body.

It's a Taoist practice that encourages your parasympathetic nervous system (the resting part of your autonomic nervous system) to activate. In other words, it gets your inner animal to chill out and feel good...

Practice: Inner Smile
Scan your body. Notice what sensations you feel.

Assuming your nervous system is functioning, every part of your body is capable of feeling. You just need to pay attention.
Right now, point your attention inwards at your physical body.
What sensations do you notice?

If you’re not sure, notice gravity. No matter your sensitivity, you can always feel your body's weight.
Now, recall the feeling of smiling.

Don't think too hard about it. Just notice:

What does smiling feel like in your body?
Where in your body can you feel the sensation of smiling?

You want to locate that sensation. Most likely you'l feel tingles in your belly up to your face. You may want to imagine the smiling sensation as a color, especially if it's hard to notice exactly what you're feeling. 

Breathe into that sensation.

With each nice and easy breath, feel the smiling joyful sensation strengthen and expand. If you're visualizing a color, see the color get brighter with each inhale, and bigger with each exhale.

Allow this smiling sensation within you to grow over your entire body. 

Notice what you're already feeling and let the inner smile overcome it.
You may find that you uncover sensations that aren't particularly pleasurable. 

Whatever you feel and notice, smile into it. Accept it and approve of it. Especially if you feel any discomfort. This is how your subconscious speaks to you. Your approval is how you speak back.

At any time, in any place, doing anything, you can always return to this state of sending love to your body.
As you develop this habit of somatic awareness, you won’t need the prompts above. You’ll remember “oh I need to get in my body” and your attention will naturally switch to feeling.

Focused attention on the body is the easiest way to release internal conflict and develop harmony. It’s like your Instinct realizes you actually care about it’s feelings, so it becomes more friendly...

You’ll notice that your feelings and involuntary thoughts will be more pleasant-- without you trying to “think positive”.

The more you “listen” the more your subconscious will “speak” to you in clear feelings (a.k.a. Intuition).

This Internal Harmony is also referred as “Self-Love.” It’s the antidote to the first demon of Stuckness. By practicing this technique, you may automatically notice that your internal dialogue becomes “kinder” and you start feeling better for no other reason than you’re no longer fighting yourself.
Does it seem too simple? Do you feel like there needs to be more to it?

Yes, you COULD do more things. But often the desire to make things complicated is a form of self-sabotage. More is NOT better.

As we’ll cover in Part 2, flow happens when you’re free of mental dead weight.

Releasing doesn’t come from learning a bunch of facts or doing a million exercises. It comes from being.

Our purpose here isn’t to rid you of all your human fears and insecurities. (That’s a dangerous never-ending pursuit known as the healing trap.) 

Instead, we want you to release the patterns that are limiting you from making an impact on the world. You don’t need to be 100% healed. You need to be free enough that you can create the life you want without being in your own way.

Still breathing? Good.

I keep asking because halted breathing is a sign of momentary stuckness.

You may have noticed that people tend to stop breathing when on their phones, consumed by email or social media. Their attention has left their body. They have separated their two halves, mind and body, leading to internal disconnection.

And that might still happen to you from time to time. When you catch yourself, just go back to breathing. The beauty of this exercise is you can do it any time, even while in the middle of something else.

I challenge you to maintain awareness on your body as you read the next page. You may find that doing so will increase your information retention without effort.
So… that's the first piece.

If you do nothing else but develop constant awareness of your body, your life with change dramatically.

But that’s not the only piece of the puzzle. There are plenty of uber-present stress-free gurus who don’t really get things done-- at least not in the material world.

You are a creative, which means you want to create real things in real reality. You have bills to pay, great works to achieve, gifts through which you can positively impact many other people...

...which leads us to the next part: The Mind .
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