If you’re tired of spinning your wheels…

If you’re ready to hit the open road of possibility…

...Then here’s the best thing I can I give you to leave Stuckness in the dirt.
IMPACT Coaching
I'm offering a massive discount on my 1:1 coaching sessions till 2019
This is more than a “regular” coaching session. It has a very specific purpose:

To Release your creative potential to make an impact on the world.

In this 60 minute video call session we will:
  • Excavate and release any other internal blocks. We’ll quarantine any straggling demons of Internal Disharmony, Resentment, and Myopia...
  • Solidify your current ONE Priority and determine highest yield plan of action. This will keep your Intangibles all focused in a meaningful direction. 
  • Cultivate your Intuition and Creativity. This is at the peak of Internal Harmony and where all the “magic” happens.
This is dedicated hour for You.

I’m heavily discounting my normal coaching rate for this session because you’ve actually done about a third of the work in reading the last few pages.

Since you at least understand my RELEASE system, we’ll be able to hit the ground running when we dig into how to create your desired life.
Hit the button below to request an invitation to the IMPACT Coaching Session.
I am only offering these sessions the next 2 months due to some media obligations in 2019. This actually may be one of the last ways to work with me directly.

Afterwards, this material will be turned into an online course which will be very useful, but let’s be honest, it doesn’t beat a 1:1 dedicated session...
Here's what other students have to say:

"Ruwan is gentle yet deep.

His coaching inspires "A truly better tomorrow" in you and makes you wanna create it in a flow state. His coaching helped me see details I wasn't paying attention to but brought in deep shifts in my thinking. He is pragmatic and helps you stay on track. But the best part is, with Ruwan, you will want to enjoy the process." -- Anoop G., India

"Ruwan has great presence and really listens to you as a coach.

He has helped me take massive action towards my goals, take me out of my comfort zone, and provide the necessary support. I went from an intangible business idea to having a website, blog, and clients in a matter of weeks." -- David W., New York

“Ruwan has a way of penetrating through whatever pretenses or facades that you carry with you, and introduces the discomfort that is actually always there when we live a lie.

I experienced more in one session with him than in six months of therapy, and was able to let go of a painful traumatic experience, give grace and love to myself, and step into agency and begin to create the life that I desire. He planted a seed I am forever grateful for.” --Coralie, Pittsburgh

"What I found in the first sessions was something seriously powerful.

I uncovered my fears and desires in my life in a way I have never examined before. I am still amazed at how much we were able to accomplish during our sessions and I and extremely excited about putting into practice what I learned. I think everyone, men and women, should have an honest discussion with Ruwan." -- Mary, New York

"I've always lived a life of a follower and not someone who typically takes action to create the life that I want.

Ruwan has guided me to take steps to accomplishing my life goals, create the life that I want and let go of the mental baggage that I've been carrying around. I was always tired or living in a constant state of low energy. Ruwan's insight showed me ways to live an abundant and energetic life, and how my energy can impact others in a positive way. -- Nick, Savannah, GA

“Ruwan doesn’t waste any time in pulling back the layers and uncovering the real thing that was going on for you. 

I always leave a coaching session feeling better and more clear than when I started. ” -- Chantel, Austin

“Ruwan is incredibly talented as a coach.

He has a knack for showing you your internal state in an unassuming way and he remembers past sessions well so he can make connections that are highly insightful. I have several different “ah ha!” moments with him almost every single session!” -- Aubin, Los Angeles

“Ruwan is a great coach.

He helped me with my confidence. I have become comfortable in my own skin and am aware of what I do and what stops me in certain situations”  -- Singh, New Jersey

“Ruwan is calm, straight and clear in his coaching.

Through some great exercises I got to know myself in a new way.” -- Marga, Alkmaar, Netherlands

"I got to to see a different side of me thanks to Ruwan.

A side I hardly dared wish existed but a side that I'm so grateful to have discovered and have now dedicated myself to loving and laughing with." -- Iris, Kansas City
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About Ruwando

Ruwan Meepagala helps people create their desired reality by connecting to their primal unconscious. He was formerly Psychology Today-listed counselor in New York City. Today he coaches individuals and teaches workshops around the world.

Want to get in touch? Email hello@ruwando.com
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